Two sessions testing out the new @roberts_surfboards Vindicator model. This thing felt insane. |  Pretty much rode like a skateboard. Keep speed really well even in waist high surf. I definitely recommend this one! Thanks Rob 🙏 |  #ruett 🎥 bY @iamdjlogic
#FilmerFriday 80 percent of all the surf pics I posted last year were shot by this man @flykng —

Thank you for putting in soo much time on the beach filming and getting sunburned, while I’m sure you were wishing you could be in the water surfing with all of us. Much respect! 👊 —

Give him a follow... but only if you like seeing high quality photos of the best surfers from the #805
I feel blessed to have grown up in the #805 We have such a tight knit community with soo many amazing & unique individuals. I wouldn’t be who I am today without growing up here. —
Really looking forward to the @ventura_boardriders_club events this year. Hopefully this thing keeps growing bigger and bigger each year so our younger generation has another platform to showcase their skills and build comradery within the community. #805strong —
📷’s bY @flykng
j u m p 📷bY @flykng #ruett
Shoutout to one of the most funny/creative minds I know @norwell9 go check out his videos if you haven’t already... you can thank me later 😁#filmerfriday #ruett pic :: @flykng
Summer #tbt 📷 :: @flykng #ruett
One of the things I love about surfing that I feel is highly overlooked, is that the wave is the star! Once you figure out how to read it, you don’t ever have to force your turns or work so hard to get speed. Something to think about 🤓 shot bY @flykng #ruett
Evening pastels 📸bY @jthaole  #ruett
Gonna give this year everything I got... starting here! 📸 @joshuajamesimages #ruett
Peace out 2017... it’s been a solid year! Many lessons learned & I feel it’s made me become a better human. Can’t wait to see what the new year brings ✌️ // 📸bY @iamdjlogic
Friday night delight 💫 pic :: @flykng