Today was s m a l l but f u n 📸by @flykng
Ireland 🇮🇪 #tbt one of the most memorable trips I've ever been on // 📸by @nevinsphoto // #ruett
☝️ from our last swell
The simple things in life... -//- pic bY @iamdjlogic  #ruett
A!R // 📸bY @flykng // #ruett
m o n d a y vibe
The most efficient solar charging phone case ever created! ☀️🌿We are getting ready to launch a kickstarter campaign in the next couple months. I will keep everyone updated as we get closer to launch. Check out @ipowerup and give us a follow if you can // pic @gobbellmedia // #solar #helptheplanet
0ne fr0m the 0ther day // seq: @underpants_float // #ruett
Our team @awalkonwater @dimitri_poulos • me • @bwilliamdesign • @purps805 • @_timcurran • @jake_kelley  at the @stillfrothy event last month #fbf
A few clipz // 🎥 @blueledges ➕🎵 @iamdjlogic // #ruett
South swellz // p!c @flykng // #ruett